YG-1 USA office and warehouse is located in Chicago, They maintain a large inventory and achieve a 98% fill rate on orders. Their Chicago staff provide courteous and efficient service and they are always a pleasure for us to deal with when expediting our customer's orders.


They manufacture in high volume Drills, Taps, End Mills, Spade Drills and Rotary Tooling and are setting the pace and are known as the fastest growing company in this industry.


Milling - YG-1 offers a number of end mill solutions made from carbide, powdered metal HSS and cobalt based upon the materials that you are machining:

  • X5070 - for 50 - 70 R/c materials
  • X-Power - for steel and hard milling up to 50 R/c
  • Jet Power - for Titanium, Inconel & Stainless Steel
  • Alu-Power - for Aluminum, Brass, Bronze and Copper
  • V7 Steel - High speed, chatter free machining in most steels under 40 R/c
  • High Feed Milling - for steel and cast iron 30 - 60 R/c

Drilling - YG-1 offers a great selection of drilling products ranging from spade drill holders & blades, coolant fed drills and drills for hardmilling.

  • I-Dream Drills
  • Carbide Dream Drills
  • Carbide Jobbers Length Twist Drills
  • MULTI-1 Powdered Metal Drills
  • HSS-EX, HPD-SUS Twist Drills
  • Morse Taper Shank Twist Drills
  • Black Gold Silver & Deming Drills
  • GOLD-P Drills
  • Screw Machine Drills
  • Taper Length Drills
  • NC Spotting Drills
  • Center Drills
  • Spade Drill Holders
  • Spade Drill Blades & Inserts

Tapping - From DIN length/ ANSI shank taps, roll form taps in both inch and metric, long shank taps, pipe taps to interrupted thread pipe taps there's good selection of niche solutions from YG-1.

Metric Thread Taps

  • Spiral Fluted Taps
  • Spiral Pointed Taps
  • Roll Forming Taps
  • Combo Taps

Unified Thread Taps

  • Spiral Fluted Taps
  • Spiral Pointed Taps
  • Interrupted Thread Pipe Taps
  • Taper Pipe Taps
  • Roll Forming Taps
  • Standard Taps
  • Hand Taps
  • Combo Taps

Rotary Toolholders - YG-1 offers a limited selection competitively priced CAT 40 and CAT 50 as well as BT 40 and BT 50 rotary toolholders.

  • End Mill Holders
  • End Mill Holders "High Balanced Series"
  • ER Collet Chucks
  • ER Collet Chucks "High Balanced Series"
  • ER Collets
  • ER Collet Nuts
  • ER Wrenches
  • ER Stop Screws
  • Milling Chucks
  • Milling Chuck Collets
  • Milling Chuck Wrenches
  • Shell Mill Arbors
  • Shell Mill Drive keys
  • Shell Mill Lock Screws


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