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Vargus USA is a division of the VNE Corporation located in Janesville, WI and a member of the worldwide Ehrenberg Group. Vargus USA is a leading supplier of full line Indexable Carbide Threading and Thread milling Tools, Solid Carbide Thread milling tools, Simtek Precision Grooving and Groove Milling Tools, Versa-Turn Turning tools and Shaviv Hand Deburing Tools.

Vardex has earned its reputation as the #1 indexable system worldwide.

Vargus, a pioneer in its field, developed the Vardex indexable laydown thread turning insert technology over 50 years ago. The Vargus patented designs continue to be the industry standard. With over 6000 different tools, Vargus offers the largest range of Thread Turning solutions to the machining specialist.

Some even call the Vardex Catalog "The Bible of Threading"!

Thread Turning - The Vardex Thread Turning tooling program includes external and internal solutions such as:

  • Standard tools for medium and fine pitches
  • U-style inserts for threading large pitches
  • V-style inserts for extra-large pitches
  • Multi+ - mass production
  • V6, a 6-corner laydown threading insert!
Thread Milling - Vargus' thread milling carbide metal cutting tool system has been recognized as the industry standard since its initial patented "trapezoidal" indexable system design was introduced. No hole is too small to be threaded by a Vargus thread mill!
  • He-Lex line features through-hole cooling for excellent chip evacuation, especially in small blind holes.
  • MilliPro miniature solid threadmill is ideal in threading difficult-to-machine materials where taps typically break.
  • Vargus "Thriller" tool can perform multiple operations - drill, chamfer and thread with one single tool!
  • HeliCool-R tool combines a threadmill and chamfering tool in one! It provides an excellent solution to chip evacuation when threading through-holes

Grades - Vargus has a carbide grade to effectively thread almost any material. In addition to its general purpose grades, any threading insert can be coated in a specialty grade for the most demanding machining tasks. For example, Vargus' VM7 grade is the industry's best answer for machining stainless steel in high-production environments. Other specialty grades available include:

  • VTX - an excellent choice for general purpose and steel
  • VKX - excellent in medium- and high-speed working environments
  • VBX - Carbide grade for high-volume steel production
  • VM7 - a unique performer when threading stainless steel
  • VK2 - uncoated grade for non-ferrous, cast iron and titanium-alloy materials
  • VK2P - highly polished for exceptional performance for high quality srface finish in aluminium.

Be sure to check out "TECHNICAL" tab for more information Thread Milling and a link to download software to do all the calculations and generate your G-Code!


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